My Courses

If you are enrolled in any courses they will appear here, also any Mandatory Ongoing Learning (MOGL) refresher training you have been enrolled in will appear here

Mandatory Ongoing Learning (MOGL)

If you have been told you need to update your Mandatory Ongoing Learning (MOGL) you will find the eLearning courses below.


Ongoing Learning: Safeguarding (v20-08)

New Starters


Ongoing Learning: Safeguarding (v20-08)

Learning Pathways

Scouts has a number of development pathways, depending on your role and your Learning Plan, you may need to do a complete pathway, or you may be enrolled in individual courses

Supplementary Learning & Development

Whilst the core of Scouting training is focused around the Wood Badge, an internationally recognised leader development framework, there are other tools. technologies and progression pathways we can explore as part of our learning and development. The courses below offer such opportunities.

Change of Role

If you change your role, you will may need to re-validate some of your training to ensure that it’s contextually relevant to your new role.

Coming Soon

These are the courses we’re developing and testing to support Scout volunteer learning in Milton Keynes.